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A Purpose-Driven Team
Featured on WSJ and Business Insider as a Pioneering Tech VC
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Deep-rooted in Silicon Valley, we are a purpose-driven team of technology enthusiasts, investing in founders defining the future and breaking barriers. We focus on substantial value creation in AI transformation and building digital infrastructure across industries. Besides our core team originally from Stanford, we have built an extended team of venture fellows with deep domain expertises in frontier technologies including machine learning, AI chips, quantum computing and neuroscience. Believing technology is the force driving human race forward and making us truly free, happy and powerful, we strive to embrace the force and empower daring entrepreneurs to change the world.
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Helen H Liang
Helen H. Liang, PhD, Founder & Managing Partner
Helen established FoundersX Ventures in 2016 with the support of Stanford circle of founders. Bringing over 10 years of product experience in high-tech industry, she leads a high-performing team investing in entrepreneurs defining the future and breaking barriers in biotech, Fintech, enterprise SaaS and low carbon solutions, with 5 unicorns, multiple home runs and more than 20 portfolio companies valued at over $100M.  Helen is featured on WSJ Pro Venture Capital and Business Insider as a Pioneering Biotech VC.  She is a member of 100 Women in Finance and Harvard PE/VC Class of 2022. She is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University and an invited speaker at TechCrunch. Helen is based in Silicon Valley. 

Select Investments: SpaceX, Salt Security, Jeeves, 1910 Genetics, Cognito TX, Universal Quantum, Rain AI, Kernal Bio, Meru Health, Lunajoy.
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Tom Kosnik
Tom Kosnik, PhD, Partner

Tom is a seasoned tech investor and consulting professor at Stanford University with expertise in technology ventures and global marketing. He was a key contributor to the Stanford Technology Venture Program and the BASES Challenge annual startup contests. Highly connected in Silicon Valley with a global network, Tom has served as an advisor and mentor to numerous tech startup founders from the Stanford circle. He is based in Silicon Valley. 

Select Investments: Salt Security, Meru Health, 1910 Genetics, Markable, Orbillion Bio, Elementary Robotics
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Naiwen Cui
Leo Cui, PhD, Partner

Naiwen is a biotech expert with extensive research experience in CRISPR and Microfluidics. He is a Postdoc fellow in Professor Feng Zhang's Lab at MIT Broad Institute. He is a core inventor of 4 patents and has authored 8 peer-reviewed scientific publications. His works have led to two spin-off companies which are developing early-stage cancer diagnostics and a high-throughput drug discovery platform.
Naiwen is passionate about the converging power of bioscience and bioengineering. He co-founded Nucleate, a student-run entrepreneurship club at Harvard, and grew the program to 6 other Biohubs in the US.  Naiwen holds a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Harvard University. He is based in our office in Cambridge, MA.

Select Investments: Omniscope, Zafrens, Colabra
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Sizi Chen, Product Partner

Sizi excels in the interdisciplinary research areas of neural science, machine learning and data science.  She is passionate about digital health solutions that transform the healthcare industry via digital therapeutics and digital delivery of care. She also covers enterprise SaaS in data security and RPA.  Previously Sizi worked at the MIT Media Lab with computer scientists, neuroscientists, and artists to develop non-invasive methods to treat neurological disorders. The research work was featured by The New York Times.  Sizi holds a BA in Music and an MS in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University. She is based in our office in Cambridge, MA. 

Select Investments: LunaJoy, Actipulse Neuroscience, Arintra, Cognito TX
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10 Pie Recipes to Try This Fall 

Yvonne Jiang, Product Partner

Yvonne focuses on fintech, consumer products and low-carbon solutions. She is passionate about emerging technologies in biotech, foodtech, alternative proteins and regenerative agtech.  Yvonne carries out in-depth industry trend analyses and startup due diligence analyses.  Before FoundersX, Yvonne was a UI/UX designer at Google and Disney. She was a key contributor to several popular games. Yvonne holds an MBA from University of California - Davis. She is based in Silicon Valley.

Select Investments: Orbillion Bio, Moonshot Brands, Valia, Creizer.

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The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea Daily 

Chandler Fang, Venture Partner

Chandler started in FoundersX as an Investment Associate in 2016.  His high curiosity level led him into quantum computing, biotech and Fintech. He is a key contributor to our Fintech investments. Previously Chandler worked at JP Morgan for over four years as a Product Manager in payment transactions and risk management. He is currently a Product Manager at Ripple, a blockchain platform for cross-border enterprise payments.  Chandler holds a MS in Financial Engineering from University of California - Berkeley, Haas School of Business. He is based in Silicon Valley.

Select Investments: Universal Quantum, Rain AI, AlphaCopilot

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Wendy Hayes

The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea Daily 

Wendy Hayes, Venture Partner

Wendy is a seasoned tech investor.  She is a board member of multiple biotech companies publicly listed in Nasdaq and NYSE, including Gracell Biotech and Burning Rock Biotech.  She was a partner at Deloitte previously. 


Wendy has over 25 years of experience in financial and operational risk management and has worked with public companies, investment banks, regulators, and auditors.  She is a Senior Fellow in Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University.  Wendy is based in Silicon Valley and Europe.

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Dan Guo_Stanford.jpg

A Pasta Hack That Will Transport You to Rome

Dan Guo, Investment Associate

Dan studies Computer Science in computational biology track at Stanford University. He served as a Director of Operations at Stanford BASES and worked as a software developer at Stanford Biodesign Digital Health and a project manager at Stanford Health Consulting Group. Dan was a Bootcamp Felllow at Stanford ASES for global entrepreneurship.    


At FoundersX, Dan carries out research and investment analysis in enterprise AI, deep tech, biotech and digital health. He is passionate about disruptive technologies. 

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Jad Fidawi

A Pasta Hack That Will Transport You to Rome

Jad Fidawi, Investment Associate

Jad studies Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He serves as the Vice President of Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES) and leads the annual 100K Startup Challenge. Jad is passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and consumer trends. He loves tennis, piano and travel. 


At FoundersX, Jad carries out research and investment analysis in battery and renewable energy, medical devices, AI chips, machine learning and digital penetration in enterprise SaaS and global supply chain. 

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Emi Mathew

A Pasta Hack That Will Transport You to Rome

Emi Mathew, Investment Associate

Emi studies Human Biology and Product Design at Stanford University. She is passionate about creating accessible healthcare breakthroughs through science research and entrepreneurship. Emi is a TEDx speaker and loves debate. She enjoys dancing, cooking and reading.


At FoundersX, Emi carries out research and investment analysis in biotech, medical devices, digital health, mental healthcare, women healthcare, as well as AI in medicine and biopharma breakthroughs.  

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