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We host and support AGI Hackathons

We Host and Support AGI Hackathons

 From the day one of our fund in 2016, we have been investing in the paradigm shift powered by AI. We have since generated multiple AI unicorns and a fast-growing AI portfolio in enterprise SaaS, Fintech, digital health and tech bio. Our core investment focus is building digital infrastructure powered by machine learning. This paradigm shift is now being accelerated by generative AI. Our team is excited to join the force and lead the change by hosting and supporting monthly AGI hackathons, in collaboration with the AGI House. 

The key themes of our AGI hackathons upcoming in 2024
-  GenAI video, gaming tools and content platform
-  GenAI co-pilot for design and construction 
-  GenAI co-pilot for asset management
-  GenAI co-pilot for insurance industry
-  GenAI co-pilot for doctors /hospital automation
-  GenAI agent for mental healthcare 
-  GenAI agent for education
-  GenAI tools for designing new materials

We also collaborate with Stanford and Berkeley student founder orgs.  Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in participating the AGI hackathons. Contact: 


AGI House SF
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