Who We Are

FoundersX is a cross-stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley.  Established in 2016, we invest in the next wave of deep-tech unicorns in biotech, digital healthcare, enterprise SaaS, quantum computing, Fintech and Foodtech. With a deep-dive investment approach, FoundersX strives to grow with unique industry insights on disruptive technologies and market timing to capture significant upside.  

We are strategic investors with strong partnerships with global enterprises and co-investing venture funds.  Our team is deep-rooted in Stanford and Silicon Valley.  We strive to add values in our deep-domain expert network in deep tech and extensive experience in product development, operation, marketing and finance, as well as direct access to top talent in computer science, data science and neural science in Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT and Harvard University.

What We Invest

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We are passionate about investing in disruptive technologies that will shape our future to be smart and sustainable.  We follow frontier technology development closely through our deep-dive approach, aiming to develop unique industry insights on technology maturity, market timing and investment upside. 

We are strong ecosystem builders.  We bring in a strong network of trusted experts in the entrepreneurial communities in Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, London, Singapore and Shenzhen. Our circles of influence helps budding early-stage startup companies to grow in global markets with strong competitive advantages in talent access and market penetration.

We are serial entrepreneurs and warm-hearted venture capitalists. We genuinely care about startup founders who strives to change the world for better.  We understand founders - their struggles, frustrations and growing pain. Our team is highly engaging in providing mentoring and connecting enterprise clients and other critical resources for product-market-fit and rapid growth.  We go above and beyond in helping daring founders to achieve the mission impossible.

We always carry out independent DD analysis.

We strive to add values in every growth stage.  

We simply enjoy making great things happen!

What Makes Us Special

Why Choose FoundersX? 
“Your team are highly engaging, always there when we need advice and help.”