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Who We Are

FoundersX is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley.  Established in 2016, we are a deep domain winner, focusing on value creation in AI transformation and building digital infrastructure across industries - enterprise SaaS, Fintech, digital health and life science. We out-compete through our deep-dive research capacity in AI infrastructure and disruptive applications and our highly competitive deal flow from global founders network and top-tier co-investors in Silicon Valley. 

We are high value-add investors infusing sheer product focus and venture disciplines into early stage companies. We bring long-term capital and strategic enterprise partners, as well as top talent access in machine learning, data science, and neuroscience at Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard and MIT. 

 We are featured on The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider as a pioneering tech VC.  As a new VC firm, we have generated 6 unicorns, 4 home runs and one IPO so far.  We have over 20 high-growth portfolio companies valued at over $100M and 5 companies acquired.  We are proud to invest in 12 aspiring women founders & CEOs in deep tech. 




Companies valued at over $100M


Companies acquired


Incredible women founders backed


Aspiring tech founders backed

What We Invest: AI Transformation

We back founders defining the future and breaking barriers with the core value creation in AI transformation and data-driven solutions in enterprise SaaS, Fintech, digital health and life science. 

Digital Health & Life Science
- Digital Infrastrucutre
- Neuroscience & Mental Health

- AI Automation in Hospitals
- AI in Drug Screening
- Precision Medcince

How We Win the Power Law
- Identify the top 1% founders, win their respect and build strong partnerships with our high value-add

Deep Dive Research
 Ahead of the curve learning
- Ask the hard questions 
- Turn insight into intuition
Be the Contrarian 
- See the signal through noise
- Dare to go against the tide
- See the impossible future 
Be High Value-Add
- Top talent access
- Long-term capital partners
- Strategic enterprise network
And We Are Getting Noticed! 
Why Choose FoundersX? 
“Your team are highly engaging, always there when we need advice and help.”
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