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Rain NeuroMorphics

A nanotechnology revolution for AI Chip

Founders: Gordon, Jake and Juan

Headstart AI

Find the best talent for your company, powered by AI

Founders: Nick and Jeremy


Make your visual contents shoppable with computer vision and deep learning

Founder: Joy 

Elementary Robotics

Smart, low-cost and soft robotics powered by computer vision and voice control

Founders: Arye and Bill

Robby Technologies 

Building self-driving robots to deliver groceries and packages to your doorstep

Founders: Rui and Dheera 

Salt Security

Detect and prevent Zero-Day API security with AI

Founders: Roey and Michael


IP Management made smart and simple with AI

Founder: Nicole


Let every kid be a creator, learning coding while having fun

Founders: Mark and Joel

Meru Health

A digital clinic to help you fight depression & anxiety

Founders: Riku, Kristian and Albert


Harness AI to accelerate sales and increase your company revenue

Founders: Will and Bryan


Smart aerial security solution with drones, powered by computer vision

Founder: Mihail


Detect and keep unauthorized drones away for smart security

Founders: Nimo and Gilad


Delivering innovative pediatric wearable robotics for kids with walking disabilities

Founders: Manmeet & Rahul

BlueBerry Pediatrics

Provides live access to top pediatricians 24x7 for parents with young kids

Founders: Harrison & Sean

1910 Genetics

Computational medicines for the world's most difficult diseases

Founder: Jen


Building the campus of the future

Founders: Justin and Nicholas


Airbnb for Retail Shops, connecting online brands with retail shops at prime locations

Founder: Wenjun and Chris


A real social network for young people

Founders: Luke and Raphael


One-Stop Shop for College Student Loans

Founder: Caleb, Femi and Evan


An online bid board for Construction Subcontractors

Founders: Andy and Kevin


Sourcing the world's best e-commerce brands

Founder: Nathan


Facial Personality Analytics, powered by computer vision and deep learning

Founders: Shai & Itzik


Global Talent Placement  powered by AI and data analystics

Founder: Liran

Affiliated Investments

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