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Universal Quantum

A Universal Quantum Computer for Large Scale Computation

Co-Founders: Winfried & Sebastian

Salt Protection founders

Salt Security

Protect Enterprise SaaS and Mobile Applications from API Attacks


Co-Founders: Roey & Michael


Cross-Country, Cross-Currency All-in-One Business Expense Management Platform 

Co-Founders: Dileep & Sherwin

Jeeves founders
Jen BW2.png

1910 Genetics

Computational Medicines for the World's Most Difficult Diseases

Founder & CEO: Jen 


IPO listed on NYSE

Empower Global Business to Navigate Regulatory Policies

Co-Founders: Tim & Gerald

FiscalNote founders

Meru Health

Enterprise Digital Clinic to Help Fight Depression, Stress & Anxiety at Workplace

Co-Founders: Riku, Kristian & Albert

Kernal Bio

Developing Cutting-Edge mRNA Therapeutics for Cancers

Co-Founders: Yusuf, Cafer & Burak

Kernal bio team.png


Acquired by IPwe

IP Management Made Smart and Simple

Founder & CEO: Nicole

Cognito TX

Breakthrough Med Device for Neural Disorders AD & PD

CEO & Co-Founders: Brent, Li-Huei & Ed

Cognito team
Moonshot founders

MoonShot Brands

Moonshot Brands Acquires, Operates and Grows e-Commerce Business to Scale​

Co-Founders: Allan & Craig

Rain NeuroMorphics

A Nanotechnology Revolution for AI Chip

Co-Founders: Gordon, Jack & Juan

Houm founders


LATAM Online Property Management Platform

Co-Founders: Benjamin & Nicolas

Banking for Everyone in LATAM

Co-Founders: Camilo & Florence

Leal founders
Turion team

Turion Space

Build a Sustainable Future in Space

Co-Founders: Ryan & Tyler


Acquired by Somalogic

High-Throughput Single Cell DNA and Protein Sequencing

Co-Founders: Shane, Ashwin & Paul

Palamedrix founders
Nuntius founders


Cell-Specific DNA, RNA and CRISPR Therapies

Co-Founders: Benita & Albert


Fintech Solutions Built for Physicians

Co-Founders: Tim & Jonathan

Nitra founders
Craft founder

Craft Machine

Data Powerhouse for Global Supply Chain

Founder & CEO: Ilya


Building ERP System for College Campus

Co-Founders: Justin & Nicolas

CourseDog founders
Blueberry Founders

Blueberry Pediactrics 

24x7 Pediatrics Platform for Families with Young Kids

Co-Founders: Harrison & Sean


HR Logistics Partner in Local for Global Enterprises

Co-Founders: Itziar & Maite

Via founders
Tranch co-founders


B2B Payment Platform. Grow Now, Pay Later.

Co-Founders: Phillip & Beau

Joy new1.png


Social e-Commerce powered by AI Engine 

Founder & CEO: Joy

Quantum Leap for Protein Design

Co-Founders: Hans, Tamas & Vikram

Menten AI team


Neobank for LATAM SWEs

Co-Founders: Rene, Fernando & Eder

Kapital founders
Bedrock AI founders

Bedrock AI

Real-time Public Equity Risk Analysis with NLP

Co-Founders: Kris & Suhas


Rent-to-own Housing as Employee Benefits

Co-Founders: Tim, Marcus & David

Ownerific team
Palitronica founders


Safeguard Critical Physical Infrastructures

Co-Founders: Sebastian & Carlos


Non-Invasive Brain Disorder Treatments

Co-Founders: Adrien & Gabriel

Actipulse founders
Cube founders


No-Code Platform for Data Analytics

Co-Founders: Erin & Deren


Holistic Mental Healthcare for Women

Co-Founders: Shama & Sipra

LunaJoy founders
Arintra founders


RPA to Empower Physicians to See More Patients

Co-Founders: Nitesh & Preeti

Orbillion Bio

Cultured Meat for Sustainable Future

Co-founders: Gabriel, Patricia & Samet

Orbillion Bio team
CR founders

Compra Rapida 

One-Click Checkout for LATAM e-Commerce

Co-Founders: Mario & Rafael


Sustainable & Fast Delivery for e-Commerce

Co-Founders: Fabian, Philip & Felix

Glocally foudners


Affordable Student Loans for Trade Schools

Founder & CEO: Eric


Smart AI Camera for Product Inspection


Co-Founders:  Arye & Bill

ERobotics founders.png
Contalink founders


Automated Book-keeping for LATAM SMEs


Co-Founders: Eduardo and Carlos


All-in-one Fintech Platform for Africa SMEs

Founder & CEO: Andrew

Nova AI

Acquired by Highspot

Harness AI to Boost Sales & Revenue

Co-Founders: Will & Bryan

Nova AI founders

Coverage Cat

Build the Best Insurance with Data Science & Quant Finance

Co-Founders: Max & Gabriel

Coverage Cat founders
Charge robotics founders

Charge Robotics

Robots That Build Solar Farms

Co-Founders:  Banks & Max

Headstart AI

Acquired by Silverback

Find the Best Talent with AI Engine

Co-Founders: Jeremy & Nick

Headstart founders


Gusto for Africa SMEs 

Founder & CEO: Asher

Trexo Robotics

Walking Robots for Kids with Disabilities

Co-Founders: Manmeet & Rahul

Trexo Robotics founders


Doordash for Africa Restaurants

Founder & CEO: Femi


VoIP for Global Enterprises. The New Type of Business Phones. 

Co-Founders: Nick & Ed

Devyce founders
Bitstack founders


The First Mass-Market Crypto Wallet for Europe

Co-Founders: Alexandre & Kabir


Fintech Platform for Supply Chains 

Co-Founders: Nkiru & Ijeoma

Pivo founders
Curacel founders


Build Insurance Infrastructure for Emerging Markets

Co-Founders: Henry & Peter

Bree founders


Chime for Canada, Starting with Cash Advance

Co-Founders: Alex & Adam


Modern 401K for Startups

Co-Founders: Saurabh & Aahan

Feather co-founders


Mental Healthcare for LATAM Enterprises

Co-Founders: JP & Noam

Momentu founders
Zafrens founder Swamy


High Throughput Single Cell RNA Sequencing

Founder & CEO: Swamy

Remedial Health 

Building Supply Chain and Payment Systems for Pharmacies in Africa

Co-Founders: Samuel & Victor

Remedial Health founders


Banking as a Service Platform for Enterprises in Africa

Founder & CEO: Segun



Sleep Under the Stars in the Most Unique Experience Ever

Founder & CEO: Nathan


Digitizing Truck Yard for Inventory Management

Co-Founders: Mihail & John

Navtrac founders


Opportunity Investment

Revolutionize Space Transportation, Making Life Multiplanetary.

Founder & CEO: Elon Musk

Elon & SpaceX.png
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