Universal Quantum

A Universal Quantum Computer for Large Scale Computation

Founders: Winfried & Sebastian

Salt Protection founders

Salt Security

Protect Enterprise SaaS and Mobile Applications from API Attacks


Founders: Roey & Michael


Cross-Country, Cross-Currency All-in-One Business Expense Management Platform 

Founders: Dileep & Sherwin

Jeeves founders
Jen BW2.png

1910 Genetics

Computational Medicines for the World's Most Difficult Diseases

Founder: Jen 

Kernal Bio

Developing Cutting-Edge mRNA Therapeutics for Cancers

Founders: Yusuf, Cafer & Burak

Kernal bio team.png

Meru Health

Enterprise Digital Clinic to Help Fight Depression, Stress & Anxiety at Workplace

Founders: Riku, Kristian & Albert


Protein Design Powered by AI and Quantum Computing

Founders: Hans, Tamas & Vikram



Acquired by IPwe

IP Management Made Smart and Simple with AI

Founder: Nicole


Empower Global Business to Navigate Regulatory Policies

Founders: Tim & Gerald

FiscalNote founders
Moonshot founders

MoonShot Brands

Moonshot Brands Acquires, Operates and Grows e-commerce Business to Scale​

Founders: Allan & Craig

Rain NeuroMorphics

A Nanotechnology Revolution for AI Chip

Founders: Gordon, Jake & Juan

Joy new1.png

Markable AI

Make Fashion Content in Videos Shoppable with AI

Founder: Joy

Orbillion Bio

Cultured Meat for a Sustainable and Flavorable Future

Founders: Patricia, Gabriel & Samet

Orbillion founders
Houm founders


Online Property Rental Platform for LATAM

Founders:  Nicolas & Benjamin


High-throughput Single Cell DNA and Protein Sequencing

Founders: Shane, Ashwin & Paul

Palamedrix founders
Nuntius founders


Cell-specific DNA, RNA and CRISPR Therapies

Founders: Benita & Albert


Building ERP system for College Campus 

Founders: Justin & Nicolas

CourseDog founders
Nova.ai founders

Acquired by Highspot

Harness AI to Grow Sales and Boost Revenue

Founders: Will & Bryan


One-Stop Shop for College Student Loans

Founders: Femi & Evan

ScholarMe founders
ERobotics founders

Elementary Robotics

Smart and Low-cost Robotics for Product Inspection

Founders: Arye & Bill

Trexo Robotics

Delivering Innovative Wearable robotics for Kids with Walking Disabilities

Founders: Manmeet & Rahul

Blueberry Founders

BlueBerry Pediatrics

24X7 Pediatrics Platform for Families with Young Kids

Founder: Harrison & Sean

Headstart AI

Find the Best Talent with AI Engine

Founders: Jeremy & Nick

Headstart founders
Navtrac founders


AI camera for Trucking Yard Inventory Management

Founders: Mihail & John


Detect and Keep Unauthorized Drones Away for Smart Security

Founders: Nimo & Gilad

Matagora founders


Connecting Online Brands to Retail Shops at Prime Locations

Founders: Wenjun & Chris


A Real Social Network for Young People 

Founders: Luke & Raphael

Playbook founders
Sourcify Founder


Go from Ideas to Best Selling Products

Founders: Nathan


Let Every Kid Be a Creator, Learning Coding while Having Fun

Founders: Mark, Dave & Joel

Piper team3.png


An Online Bid Board for Construction Subcontractors

Founders: Andy & Kevin


Facial Personality Analytics, powered by computer vision and deep learning

Founders: Shai & Itzik

Passright team


Help You Onboard the Best Talent Around the Global

Founders: Liran & Joanna 


Smart Self-Driving Robots for Last-Mile Delivery

Founders: Rui & Dheera

Robby founders
Pave AI Team


Data Analytics, Automated from Start to Finish.

Founder: Eric & Roey


Investment Platform for Young Professionals in India

Founders: Rathin & Gaurav

Spenny founders


Sleep Under the Stars in the Most Unique Experience Ever

Founder: Nathan


Revolutionize Space Transportation, Making Life Multiplanetary.

Founder: Elon Musk

Elon & SpaceX.png

PreIPO Investments

Special Purpose Funds

SpaceX logo2.png
Didi logoBW.png