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Salt Security Won 2023 CISO Choice Award on API Security

Nov. 10, 2023 Palo Alto, CA, Repost from Salt Security – Salt Security, the leading API security company, announced that it has been named the winner of the API Security category in the 2023 CISO Choice Awards.

Judged by a panel of distinguished CISOs at large organizations across the world, the CISO Choice Awards honor security vendors who provide top-tier differentiated security solutions, valuable to CISOs and their enterprises. Salt Security, utilizing powerful cloud-scale big data and time-tested artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, protects APIs across their full lifecycle and delivers the adaptive intelligence required to identify and defend against today's increasing API attacks.

According to the Salt Security State of the CISO Report 2023, 95% of CISOs state that their organization is making API security a planned priority over the next two years. This comes as API-based attacks continue to increase with 94% experiencing security problems in production APIs within the past year, per the Salt Labs State of API Security Report, Q1 2023. With its signature platform, the Salt Security API Protection Platform, Salt provides CISOs and security teams with deep insights into API threats and vulnerabilities to easily and quickly detect the reconnaissance activity of cyber criminals and block them before they can successfully reach their objective.

CISO Choice Award judges hail from organizations across industries, and their choices were rooted in firsthand knowledge and insights from building and maintaining their own security programs. Criteria for selecting the CISO Choice Award winners were clear and based on the experiences and perspectives of end-user executives. By applying its ML and AI algorithms, Salt Security can capture and baseline all API traffic over days, weeks, and even months, providing real-time analysis and correlation across billions of API calls to protect organizations from API threats.

Strengthening CrowdStrike Bond with Falcon Integration

A year after announcing partnership with CrowdStrike, Salt Security team shared they have further strengthened that partnership with the new “better-together” story of Salt and the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. The Salt Security API Protection Platform – now fully integrated with Falcon – is also available on the CrowdStrike Marketplace, making it easy and fast for companies to start gaining value from our award-winning API security platform.

This new integration provides customers with the most comprehensive view into API security risks. With Salt Security detection and a pre-built integration into the Falcon platform, they deliver robust API threat intelligence – with full visibility into the API attack surface and prioritization of API security threats. Together, the unique cloud-scale AI-driven API security platform and CrowdStrike’s award-winning AI-powered protection capabilities give organizations the easiest way to strengthen their security posture with two best-of-breed solutions.

Salt holds a special relationship with CrowdStrike. In addition to being a partner and – now – integrating with the Falcon platform, Salt counts CrowdStrike as an investor through its investment arm, Falcon Fund. The companies also share a similar philosophy when it comes to security – namely, that better security derives from better context. This like-minded approach makes the Salt Security API Protection Platform a perfect fit for the Falcon platform. Good API security doesn’t exist without context.

API attacks unfold over time. With their AI and ML-powered algorithms, which have been in the market over four years, Salt Security can provide real-time analysis and correlation across billions of API calls. Its platform’s deep context and adaptive intelligence help generate behavioral insights needed to spot API threats.

As Gur Talpaz, vice president of corporate development and head of Falcon Fund at CrowdStrike, explains:

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