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Kapital Raises $100M Funding to Lend to SMEs in LATAM

11-9-2022 Forbes Mexico - Fintech startup Kapital wants to be the preferred digital bank for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The firm, with operations in Mexico and Colombia, received $100M funding from Sivo, a company that grants credits and loans on a scale.

"Financial services have entered an era guided by technology that requires multi-currency programmatic access that does not compromise risk and be able to continue solving problems for SMEs," says René Saúl Farro, CEO of Kapital.

Sivo is a debt-as-a-service company and has provided debt capital for the first time so that startups like Kapital can offer their users affordable financial solutions.

“At Sivo, our goal is to streamline and simplify the process that a startup follows in order to access debt capital, a lender normally takes 7 months or more to raise debt capital, which for a startup is deadly, we at Sivo We give it to you in days, so that the founders can grow their business”, says Daniela Conejo, co-founder of Sivo.

In June, the startup obtained an investment of $30M to expand in Colombia, and inject resources into technology development, a round that was led by Tenacity Venture Capital , a fund established by Ben Narasin.

Since its launch, Kapital has managed to raise $130M capital to use them in debt and innovation, and this has allowed it to equip more than 7,000 SMEs with its all-in-one business platform, where you have the control of your business in the palm of your hand and you can have access to credit easier and faster, assures the company

Kapital seeks to promote the growth of 70% of the business ecosystem that today does not have access to financial products . Through the launch of their Kapital Flex product, soon available in Colombia, they will allow companies to defer payment to suppliers for up to 6 months from their platform.

“We came to Colombia to give companies that have not had access to financial products the opportunity to grow, providing them with credit and debit and business banking where they have visibility and control of their cash flow. We want the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colombia to grow hand in hand with Kapital,” said Fernando Sandoval, Kapital’s CFO.

For more info, visit Kapital


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