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Universal Quantum on Nature: High-Fidelity Quantum Link between Ion-Trap Microchip Modules

May 9, 2023 Repost with Excerpts from Nature Communications, by Universal Quantum team -- Universal Quantum's recent publication “A high-fidelity quantum matter-link between ion-trap microchip modules.” was selected as an Editor Highlight on Nature Communications. This paper got a lot of attention from BBC News and others because it demonstrated world-record fidelities for connecting qubits between quantum computing chips.


System scalability is fundamental for large-scale quantum computers (QCs) and is being pursued over a variety of hardware platforms. For QCs based on trapped ions, architectures such as the quantum charge-coupled device (QCCD) are used to scale the number of qubits on a single device. However, the number of ions that can be hosted on a single quantum computing module is limited by the size of the chip being used. Therefore, a modular approach is of critical importance and requires quantum connections between individual modules.

Here, we present the demonstration of a quantum matter-link in which ion qubits are transferred between adjacent QC modules. Ion transport between adjacent modules is realised at a rate of 2424 s−1 and with an infidelity associated with ion loss during transport below 7 × 10−8. Furthermore, we show that the link does not measurably impact the phase coherence of the qubit. The quantum matter-link constitutes a practical mechanism for the interconnection of QCCD devices. Our work will facilitate the implementation of modular QCs capable of fault-tolerant utility-scale quantum computation.

What makes Universal Quantum different?


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