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DreamFlare AI Launches Interactive AI-Generated Streaming Service

July 9, 2024 Repost from Forbes, by Charlie Fink -- DreamFlare AI, a new consumer platform focused exclusively on AI-generated, premium-quality entertainment, officially launched this morning. Led by Josh Liss, a former Google executive, and Rob Bralver, a professional filmmaker who’s made feature documentaries and music videos with big acts like Moby. DreamFlare AI raised $1.65 million in a pre-seed round led by FoundersX Ventures and angels. They’ve been in stealth until now, recognising that though this is still early days, many pioneers are racing to stake out territory.

DreamFlare AI aims to merge technology and creativity to deliver interactive storytelling experiences that could not be created with any other medium. The platform offers two main types of experiences: “Flips,” which are immersive stories featuring AI-generated imagery with movement and audio, and “Spins,” which are interactive short films allowing viewers to make choices that affect the storyline. “This platform represents our deep passion for innovation and using technology for good, to create opportunities for people and to spread joy,” said Dreamflare’s CEO and co-founder, Josh Liss.

The idea came to co-founder and Creative Director Bralver last year, when he realized the disruptive power of AI could be harnessed to forge new methods of production and distribution, and saw the talent in the community using and sharing it. “We’ve entered an era of something magical,” Bralver said. “Diverse global talents are emerging who are extraordinary. These creators would never have had a shot before due to lack of access. We’re giving them a way to share their visions and audiences will discover a whole new medium of entertainment. It’s not quite a film, not quite a game, not quite a book. It’s AI, but it’s human and heartfelt.”

DreamFlare AI aims to bridge the gap between top-tier Hollywood executives and emerging AI creators, enabling them to bring their ambitious projects to life without the traditional barriers of financing, studios, and industry connections. The initial group of content creators have received funding from the company. These producers will get a share of subscription revenue, and access to kickstarter-like tools for fundraising from fans. Creators will thus be incentivized to bring their millions of followers from social media to DreamFlare, where they can be monetized.

DreamFlare AI operates on a freemium model, offering a selection of free content each week to attract new users. For those looking for unlimited access, the platform provides affordable subscription options—$9.99 per year or $2.99 per month. With an initial library of six hours of content (twenty if you do all the branching narratives), DreamFlare AI plans to expand rapidly, aiming to add substantial new content monthly.

The founders didn’t want to give me prelaunch info on the sixty artists and shows they are working on, for fear of promoting one over another. Users can expect a mix of engaging experiences, they told me, from a detective mystery where they can choose the investigative path, to a Viking conquest that reacts to user inputs in real-time, even within virtual reality environments.

The AI-generated entertainment landscape is increasingly competitive. Last month, Showrunner, dubbed the "Netflix of AI," launched, enabling users to change and reprompt stories and create their own. Aggregators like Curious Refuge and Runway are also making significant strides in the industry. On social media platforms such as Instagram, artists like Visual Dome and Nice Aunties have millions of followers, showcasing the growing popularity of cinematic AI. Additionally, numerous free YouTube channels provide access to AI-generated content.

“Our hope is to create opportunities for people and to spread joy,” Liss said. “That is our business, and we’re going to do everything we can to continue to do that in this space, in this new format, and we’re going to do our best.”

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